Sri   kira

Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa,
(known widely as Sri & Kira),

Sri and Kira have remained on the leading edge of ascension consciousness for over 18 years.
Their lives are dedicated to sharing the Yoga of Self-Ascension through sacred union with the soul.
They have selflessly brought the teachings of Self-Ascension to the world along with pioneering several healing modalities, including Avesa Quantum Healing, Quantum Clairvoyance,
Cosmic Life Regression and Ascended Numerology.

You can visit Sri and Kira's Official website:

“Sri and Kira are Uplifting the Consciousness of the World!”
Newsweek Magazine

“Sri & Kira are Two of the best examples of open-mindedness!
George Noory, Coast to Coast AM
Sri & Kira’s World Service Declaration:
To share the authenticity of the Yoga of Self-Ascension by modeling Sacred Union with the Soul.

Sri & Kira’s Sacred Intention for Being:
To listen, love and hold the space of enlightenment through the Art of Ascended Living.
Jess juntunen

Meet Jess

Jess Juntunen is a certified Self-Ascension Intuitive Counselor, a Master Avesa Quantum Healer and Channel, Priestess of the Golden Ray, Violet Flame and Cosmic Light, and a Divine Feminine Awakening Coach.

She is the owner of Self Ascension Studios, supporting individual clients in their journeys, as well as leading groups in ceremonies, teaching classes, and holding sacred events and retreats.

Jess supports others to ignite their divine remembrance, release blocks and limitations, and to fly free.
Self-Ascension is living a soul-forward life.

What people are saying about Jess Juntunen :

 A gifted medical intuitive, strong spiritual sister and healer.  Jess is one of those unique and shiny people on this planet
- Gigi Stafne, ND, MH, Educator, Writer, Director of Green Wisdom School of Natural and Botanical Medicine, Wisconsin

Jess radiates Unconditional Love and Acceptance, Peace and Joy! She truly lives an Authentic Life, the Path Of Self-Ascension. She is an Amazing, Healer, Teacher, Divine Master, Goddess... and more being in service to those who are ready to heal, to uplift, to shift, to re-connect and remember to the Truth of who they are. 
-E. P. France

Jess’ intuitive, soulful work has given me the knowing that I am deeply loved and supported which has benefited my personal and professional life. 
-Mia M., Myofascial Release Therapist, Michigan 

Sri june 2020

Meet Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa

Sri Ram Kaa was born in 1952, the Year of the Dragon. As a ‘triple Cancer” he wrestled with creativity, sensitivity, and depth of perception since birth. Sri’s early adult years were marked by entrepreneurship. He started several small companies, and while working full-time, earned an  MBA.
Divine trust lead to deeper personal surrender and after years of searching, Sri's yearning faded away in a seeming instant. “The conscious experience of boundlessness, with no boundary between myself and the outer world, left me embraced by an ocean of infinite compassion. Bathed in my own salty tears, noticing the energy of Joy that invigorated the cells of the body, the little brain within my body recognized that a field of infinite love supports us all.”
In early 2002 Sri’s heart brought forward the recognition that his ‘other half’ was in form and available for partnership. An active quest to be united with his ‘twin flame’ guided Sri to find Kira in August 2002. They first connected via email and shared a nearly instantaneous remembrance.
Shortly thereafter Sri & Kira met in person and a profound spiritual healing unfolded; the Archangelic Insoulments spontaneously began. Visitations from Ascended Masters and Archangels were frequent as information and energy was poured into Kira and Sri thus propelling them on their shared mission of world service.
His spiritual connection was tested again by a medical emergency in 2019 that resulted in a 'near death experience".  During his time out of body Sri's vibrational frequency was up-leveled and he more fully aligned with his soul's mission of Divine service for humanity. Today he and Kira devote their energy to supporting the Awakening of humanity through the Yoga of Self-Ascension.


What people are saying about Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa :

"Sri Ram Kaa carries the rare gift of compassion rarely found in others carrying a male body. His unique ability to transcend all barriers is beyond any words!  Since being blessed with his programs, I have now been receiving clear guidance from the Angels and the Ascended masters!  I am a 4th generation healer and a Reiki Master and after working with Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa, my healing abiliy and life experince is at an entirely new quantum level!  He is a rare master in form!"  Elizabeth, Canada

"Sri is a true Master and his wisdom radiates with loving inspiration. If you have an opportunity to work with Sri Ram Kaa, you will be better for it.  His knowledge, skill and presence are most healing!"
Christina, Portugal

"Thanks for your incredible guidance, I have found MySelf!  So delighted to feel your awe-inspiring presence around the world and beyond!  Namaste!"
Stephanie, Canada

"It's truly a blessing to learn the quantum healing tools from all of your classes. My symptoms are gone! It was amazing."
Crystal, USA

Master lady kira raa

Meet Master Lady Kira Raa

Master Lady Kira Raa is a well known and highly respected intuitive. Having assisted 1000’s to discover their own mastery through the accuracy and pure stream of energy she emits, she is often referred to as the “teacher’s teacher”. Her journey is inspiring!  Enjoying early success in the business world, Kira literally “worked herself to death”, and died during uterine cancer surgery in 1989 when to the dismay of her startled doctor her body reanimated after a time of death had been established. It was during this Near Death Experience, (NDE), that she agreed to the mission offered to her from the Ascended Masters. Once her body reanimated, she did not immediately activate her mission and spent another 12 years deep in the drama of worldly energy until she could no longer deny her reason for being!
Shortly after the millennium, Kira fully released her traditional life and surrendered to be of service as agreed during her NDE. It is valuable to note that prior to her stepping into her “second life”, Kira was already a highly acclaimed inspirational speaker, and author of the series, Women, Wellness, Awakenings™. Her early inspirational success led her to be a favorite and repeat guest of many network TV and radio talk shows, including Good Morning America.

Kira Raa has dedicated her life to the recognition of the mastery within each of us! She has been gifted through the blessing of the Archangels and the Ascended Masters to assist any and all, “to know, to remember, to celebrate being on this planet at this moment in history.”
For over 18 years Kira Raa has steadfastly lived the Yoga of Self-Ascension in Sacred Union with her beloved partner, Sri Ram Kaa. Their commitment to the Art of Ascended Living beautifully demonstrates that anyone with a sincere heart can break free and live a life of Miracle Presence.

What people are saying about Master Lady Kira Raa :

"Kira explains the world of forms that exist outside of our everyday perception. In that world, forms of energy or light navigate freely. They are us and we are them."
– Bill Birnes, Star of UFO Hunters and Ancient Aliens, Author of Day after Roswell

Bar none, Kira Raa gifted me with the BEST reading of my life! Her ability to go beyond the dross and see clearly is profound!” – F.R., USA

"EVERYTHING Kira Raa does is Profound, Deep, Radiant and honestly...perfect!"  Peggy, USA

"A perfect 10!  There are simply no words to describe the way my Body, Mind and Spiritual Energy feel after sharing time with Kira Raa!"  Mary Ann, UK

"My heart cannot bow enough before Master Lady Kira Raa!  Her passion, clarity and profound AUTHENTICITY are awe-inspiring!  My life shifted the day I first discovered her and all I can say do I ever say thank you ...enough?"  Pushti, India


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