The Collective Divine Feminine
is Ready  to Rise!

For All Women and the
Woman Within ALL

The Awakened Lioness Rises as
the champion of ALL Humanity!

is the Gift of
Birthing and Cycles
through honoring and awareness!

is the moment of saying YES
to the Bounty-full energy that
Arises as our UNIFIED presence of
Masculine and Feminine Balance.


Women Wellness Awakenings
WWAGLOBAL introduction
Master Lady Kira Raa

Championing the Rising Divine Feminine in us all! Women, Wellness, Awakenings is a four week journey of Divine Empowerment that ignites the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation in ACTION!

A 4 week Course that will shift your life in ways that will defy the mind!

Empower the True Divine Feminine Energy
Call forward the True Power of your Divine Nature
How to harness your True Power as the Law of Instantaneous
Manifestation in Action,

TOGETHER, we explore aspects of physical health, emotional and mental wellness, and opening to your Divine Feminine Intuitive Connections. Empowering the Lioness means we awaken to the Truth of who we are.
Well-being and Self Love are taken to a new level.
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Empowered Divine Feminine

The Divine Feminine is an aspect within each of us, inviting us to come into greater balance and harmony with our own awakened empowered lioness.

Every being no matter their gender, orientation, or felt sense of self, carries this aspect, and it is time to stand in our power and bring the ascended expansion of the Divine Feminine energy to our lives, families, communities, and planet.
Wwaglobal wisdom teacher sri ram kaa

What if “Wellness” was actually code for “Living Authentically”?


Wellness is the intersection between your passion, purpose and power.

Wellness is the ability to Live in the Now, without past traumas and hurts interfering with your Confidence and Joy.

Wellness is Sacred Union with All aspects of your being; Body, Mind, Spirit and Guidance. 
What if “compromise” was dropped from your vocabulary and your life?
It is your time to claim a higher order of balance!
Wwaglobal master lady kira raa

The YES Moment that Ignites your True Abundance!

Awakening is the Divine Awareness of your Mastery Presence! This is the Experience of your life of co-creation as the joy-filled spontaneous embrace of unconditional love and compassion.
Imagine waking up each morning inspired and filled with the joy of honestly knowing who you are and why you are here!  Imagine knowing without doubt that you are where you need to be, doing exactly what you are meant to be doing and loving all of it!
Your Awakened Presence is abundant, youth-full and fully aligned with the reason for which your soul said YES and you took birth. You are Ready to ignite your dormant gifts and to Call Forward the True Power of your Divine Nature!
That is why you are reading this…right now!
More than ever this is the moment to fully Trust and align with your intuitive nature! To Trust that abundance is yours and all you need will flow to you as you once more REMEMBER and EMPOWER your Alchemical Mastery creation energy as the Law Of Instantaneous Manifestation!

Once you enroll in the program:

What to expect

You will receive a downloadable product that has all the PDFs, and video replay links for you to view at your own pace
All members receive private access to a forum on Facebook communicate with Sri, Kira and Jess as well as other WWAGlobal community members!

Shakti Exchange tuition is only $111

Begin your Journey with WWAGlobal and you will get instant access
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Through your tuition, Women Wellness Awakenings supports humanitarian projects. 5% of the proceeds for WWA go to Clinica Linda,
a free pain clinic for Indigenous people in Ecuador providing services and  food to those in need.
*This Course is a prerequisite for the mentor-ship groups.
It is not required for the 1-to-1 coaching

Your 4 Gifts of Love!

#4)  Women, Wellness, Awakenings PRIVATE FORUM ACCESS!

Meet your tribe and begin communicating directly with Jess, Sri and Kira at our Facebook page.
Private access granted upon registration
Wwa call to action 4 gifts
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Self acsension alchemy wwa


There is a call from the heart. It stirs your soul and brings forward a voice of inner wisdom that emerges from deep within. This voice arises when we are ready to accelerate our spiritual growth. This momentous time on our planet has brought forward rapid acceleration for all. Through this acceleration, the gift to fully re-awaken your divine nature in harmony through this seemingly chaotic experience is yours to claim today!

The Alchemical process of IGNITION through the Yoga of Self-Ascension empowers ALL to step forward without fear, doubt, anger or guilt! This is the moment when we release with love and joy that which has called forward limitation to ROAR with our divine presence!

It is your time to release limiting beliefs: the moment to fully heal ALL trauma and release ALL judgments of the self and others! The gift is simple and profound! Once you initiate the journey of sincere surrender, the Peace,(Shanti), Love, (Bhakti) and Joy,(Ananda), that is your true nature steps forward to support your deepening journey.

Relax and have mercy on you! We all pass through a veil of forgetfulness when we take birth and this is a gift waiting for you to open. Through the shared human seasons of growth, our consciousness then identifies with our individuated experience as the ego strengthens and we separate further from Oneness.
You are ready to awaken...even more...which is why you are here…now!

Your heart and soul have unified and offered you the lovingly nudge, ‘the call’ or ‘yearning for Oneness’.
The divine and eternal breath of Spirit has wrapped its heart around you and invites you to relax the ego’s grip and re-discover deeper levels of truth.

You are ready to ROAR!


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