The Collective Divine Feminine
is READY to Rise!

For All Women and the
Woman Within ALL

The Awakened Lioness Rises as
the champion of ALL Humanity!

is the Gift of
Birthing and Cycles
through honoring and awareness!

is the moment of saying YES
to the Bounty-full energy that
Arises as our UNIFIED presence of
Masculine and Feminine Balance.

Four Weeks of Divine Empowerment!
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Women Wellness Awakenings
WWAGLOBAL introduction
Master Lady Kira Raa

Championing the Rising Divine Feminine in us all! Women, Wellness, Awakenings is a four week journey of Divine Empowerment that ignites the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation in ACTION!

The Lions Gate Opens 8/8/2020,
Come Roar with Us!
Join us for a 4 week journey that will shift your life in ways that will defy the mind!

Empower the True Divine Feminine Energy
Call forward the True Power of your Divine Nature
How to harness your True Power as the Law of Instantaneous
Manifestation in Action,

TOGETHER, we will explore aspects of physical health, emotional and mental wellness, and opening to your Divine Feminine Intuitive Connections. Empowering the Lioness means we awaken to the Truth of who we are.
Well-being and Self Love are taken to a new level in this four week program.
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Claiming Naked Authenticity through your Miracle In-LION-ment presence is a GIFT TO YOU!
Imagine Knowing without DOUBT!

How to protect yourself energetically.
Living in true abundance.
What your gifts are and YOU unapologetically share them with the world.

Tune into the cycles and rhythms of your body, mind, and spirit.

How to help the world without becoming entrapped in it.

You have walked through abuse and victim consciousness and claimed your empowered beingness.

How to truly help your family through times of stress.

Aid the planet and those in need.

You have broken free from anything that would hold you back.

You use your voice to make a difference.
How to create more space for love and healing in your life and for this planet.

Shakti Exchange tuition only $99
or 2 payments of $55
through July 31, 2020

Receive the full program plus all 4 Gifts of Love

Through your tuition, Women Wellness Awakenings supports humanitarian projects. 5% of the proceeds for WWA go to Clinica Linda,
a free pain clinic for Indigenous people in Ecuador providing services and  food to those in need.
Welcome home
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IGNITE YOUR ROAR on 8/8 The Lions Gate

Four Weeks of Divine Empowerment PLUS Four Gifts Of Love today!

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